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There isn't a fan event that quite captures the spirit of giving than a Gabit event. Just as 'sanctuary for all' is not an empty motto, neither is 'conventions are about people'. If you want a convention experience that keeps on giving long after the curtain call, go to a Gabit event.

AT4 is my third. And what a third! I thought nothing could ever top AT2... and then AT3 came. And again I came to believe that there wasn't anything that could be done to make a better Gabit...

... clearly I should learn to ignore my beliefs!

This was a weekend filled with so much strength, friendship, generosity, and laughter. Even as I sit writing, I get bowled over by the memory of the emotions at this event. Three Gabits ago I was overwhelmed because I was getting to meet the fantastic Amanda Tapping for the very first time. She was a hero to me at a time when I really wanted a hero. And there were tears of joy and amazement, and disbelief that this was actually happening to me.

And now three Gabits later, not one memory has left me. But there is so much more. Amanda Tapping, through Gabit, has allowed me to cement amazing friendships that I've almost forgotten were born by a common admiration for an incredible actress and person. When I'm lost, when I'm down, when I'm scared, when I'm excited, when I have news, when I've achieved, when I'm dreaming, when I'm planning, or when I've simply run out of blue jello - these friends are here comforting, hugging, bouncing, sharing, congratulating, advising, and giving.

And I am so honored and so blessed to have these people in my life and to have shared this incredible weekend with so many of them.

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